First post July 30 2013

Hi everyone! I started thinking about the tri-bass when I was walking home one day in August 2012. By the time I reached home I was all "THAT IS QUITE A SICK IDEA." and nodding my head in slow motion. The ideas for this new instrument had already been in my head for a while but the name tri-bass was what made the product tangible in my mind. The name "tri-bass" is supposed to evoke thoughts of a three string bass synth guitar (although obviously it is not limited to bass notes, the reality is that synth bass is the new heavy metal guitar sound). I started actual engineering work in November, making this a 9 month development cycle which I keep telling myself is fast, even though it has felt like the slowest 9 months of my life.

Actually the electronics / software design was the least time consuming part of this project. The real problem, and what I consider the barrier to entry for running a company like this, is making these products en masse and at a level of quality that I consider acceptable. That is where the engineering really starts. So for the past five months I have been building these tri-basses and watching the quality get better and better slowly over time as I improved the assembly process. Then I tried making thirty units at once, just to see what would happen. That process, which was supposed to take three weeks, took three months and I encountered every problem imaginable. This is what I call R&D, because I made a lot of mistakes, learned a LOT about building tri-basses and now have set up processes to ensure I do not encounter those problems anymore. What you see in the video on youtube is what I consider to be a "perfect tri-bass".

Meanwhile, I have had my tri-bass connected to various DAWs like Ableton during the whole process of software development. The design of the touchscreen has been modified and reverted countless times, to refine it to a point where is deceptively simple to use, but also does not present any limitations when making electronic music. I am a big fan of the latest music and when I hear something good, I'm immediately trying to figure out how to play it on a misa tri-bass. That tends to be the catalyst for any changes to the software.