NSC V2 Firmware Out! October 27 2016

Hi everyone!

There is a new firmware update for the NSC-16 and NSC-32 polyphonic sequencers. There are a few new things. The main one is the addition of a "Scales mode". The idea is that you can specify a scale (say, C Major) and all the patterns/parts playing on the sequencer will automatically play in the same scale. This is pretty cool because it makes it easy to do song key changes just by pressing one button. It also means you can pretty much randomly press notes on the grid and it'll sound in key. Access the Scale mode by pressing "Shift+Load".

There are some other small changes too, like improvements to the MIDI beat clock functionality, fader improvements, and actually showing the musical note instead of the note number when tuning the grid. And also, there is a configuration screen by pressing "Shift+Loop". It lets you set the MIDI Channel of each pattern, the MIDI channel of each fader, and the ability to enable/disable beat clock and MIDI start/continue/stop messages.

NSC-16 Firmware Updates

NSC-32 Firmware Updates

Enjoy! More coming soon ;)