Misa Kitara Update Software

Note: The software below is only for the Misa Kitara instrument ONLY (not the Misa Tri-bass!)

Get the firmware update program here: 

Windows: http://download.misadigital.com/kitarasoftware/windows/KitaraSoftware_setup.exe

Mac: http://download.misadigital.com/kitarasoftware/mac/KitaraSoftware.dmg

If you have trouble getting it working, you may need the cable driver:

Windows: http://download.misadigital.com/kitarasoftware/drivers/Windows_v1.5.0.zip

Mac: http://download.misadigital.com/kitarasoftware/drivers/MacOSX10.6_dmg_v1.4.0.zip

Installing the Software

It's important you follow the steps below in the exact order.
STEP 1: Make sure the blue USB cable is NOT connected to your computer.
STEP 2: Install the USB driver.
STEP 3: The blue USB cable has two plugs on one side. They are numbered #1 and #2. Connect #2 to the computer. Windows should give you some notification that it has detected the cable. (Don't connect the other end to the Kitara at this time.)
STEP 4: Turn on your Kitara. After the Kitara has booted and you can see the blue screen, connect the USB cable to it.
STEP 5: Install and run the Misa Kitara Update software: Kitara Update Software