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The Misa Triwave is the third generation of Misa digital guitar, following the Misa Kitara and Misa Tri-bass. Its design is an evolution of its predecessors. It has an ABS plastic body, like the Kitara, and a 3-string touch sensitive neck similar to the Tri-bass. But it is also different in several ways.

The body has a low latency, robust and opaque rectangular touch panel, instead of a graphical LCD screen. The touch panel is an X/Y pad, and can be used to modulate the sound. The neck is completely flat and has minimal friction, making it perfect for synth gliding. And its only interface is class-compliant USB MIDI (USB-C).

The Misa Triwave is an instrument designed for phat sounding monophonic synthesizers. Where a single note can be sonically rich and cut through a mix. And where gliding is a significant part of the sound.

The Triwave is monophonic by default, meaning it plays only one note at a time per MIDI channel. This ensures smooth note transitions, hammer-ons, and glides characteristic of a monophonic synth.

To achieve polyphony, the Triwave's strings can be configured to output to different MIDI channels, enabling simultaneous note play. Each channel would be connected to a distinct monophonic synthesizer. In this mode, it is possible to "hold" notes while playing on top of them.


  • X/Y Pad
  • Touch sensitive neck (20 frets across 3 strings)
  • Multi-channel monophonic
  • Strap hooks that can be configured for left-handed or right-handed play